I checked that off the list, so what’s next?

So, I put a book up on Amazon KU. The whole process was frustrating and terrifying, but also a triumph. I PUBLISHED A BOOK. Lagniappe Check it out if you’re so inclined.

But what’s next? As I tell my editing clients: Write the next book. For me, I’ve written a few already, so I’m faced with a dilemma. There’s a problem inherent with my bursts of manic creativity that generate a stockpile of content. Once a work is done or the wonder has fizzled, it’s dead to me. I want to work on new stories and ideas, but they’re not coming.

I’m a creative who can’t create. What do I do? 

Dumbledore shrug

Well, the first thing I did was read. I’ve read fiction of all kinds. I’ve pored over craft books. I’ve traveled, both willingly and not-so-much (My car living in Nashville for three weeks is a tale for another day.). I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo and began a daily writing prompt habit that quickly fizzled out. I’ve attended workshops and meet with other interesting and creative people, but nothing got my Muse’s gums flapping.

I realize now why that is. This spring and summer have been for revisions, and perhaps the next year will be the same. This year started with fast-drafting a novel I was going to submit for a contest, but life put up a major roadblock to my deadline. But still, I have a notebook full of revision notes that I’ve been avoiding; however, this story wants to be told and I ignored it big time. Instead, I focused on an easy win and made my characters very angry.

My backlog of mostly completed stories is thick. THICK. And the only thing stopping me from finishing them and moving on to queries, contests, and/or self-publishing is me.

I hope that as I clear out my backlog, the Muse will begin speaking to me again. There’s a wonder that is inherent with creativity. I know I’m always surprised by what my mind cooks up.

If you’re struggling to reconnect with your writing, try some of the exercises here:




Blessing, y’all!


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